Hamlet: Our Inaugural Production

Performed in 2013. Directed by Asae Dean. Featuring co-founders Harper York as Hamlet, Katie Crandol as Ophelia, and Brett Sullivan Santry as Claudius. Photo Credit: Heather Hensen

Macbeth: Our Second Production

Performed in 2015. Directed by Harper York featuring company members Brett Sullivan Santry as Macbeth, Andrew Miller as Macduff, Katie Crandol as a Witch/Ensemble, and Harper York as Hecate. Photo Credit: Samantha Kuchta

Twelfth Night or What You Will - The First Show of our First Full Season

Our first show at our new home at the Spartan Center of Hazelwood. Directed by cofounding member, Brett Sullivan Santry, this show marked our first foray into a full season of shows. Twelfth Night or What You Will embraced the Feast of Fools and opened on Twelfth Night!

Proof by David Auburn

The second show of our 2019 season, Proof, directed by Jonathan Visser, featured the incredible talents of Chris Cattell, David Maslowe, Alison Weisgall, and Harper York. Delving into the theme of madness and instability that lives on the edge of genius, this production delighted with laughter as well as the stark pain of heartbreak. Family and love can break and build, sometimes simultaneously.